I think a good headshot should be clear, characterful and current.

As an actor, you've got to compete with so many other people that a really strong headshot can make the difference and get you seen.  With that in mind, I shoot a style of headshot that focusses on your features, especially your eyes, and minimises distractions like cluttered backgrounds or fussy clothing.  I also shoot either studio or outdoor sessions, depending on your preference, and can tailor the session to hopefully shoot just what you're looking for in a headshot.

Outdoor shots utilise natural daylight to create a soft, understated style of headshot that can often deliver a more unique and spontaneous look.

Outdoor sessions take place at a couple of locations in Central London - Zone 1

A studio session delivers a clean, modern style of headshot and benefits from the level of control that can be achieved using studio flash-heads.  It also means the unpredictable British weather can't spoil the session, something that should be taken in to account, especially during the winter months.

Studio sessions take place at my home in South London - Zone 3

Shots are available in colour and black & white and include three Photoshop clean-ups. 

A session costs £120.

If you would like to book a session click here to send me an email.